Live adult internet radio shows are hosted by your favorite femdom Mistresses

Are you using the free adult internet radio station that Mistress Ally has created just for your own pleasure?  If not, WHY??  This is an awesome and fun way to get a little kink in your evening, and there are hosted shows going on all throughout the week, so if you are bored, you can […]

Pimping out sissy bitches is one way your femdom Mistress funds her fun

As some of my regular blog readers and phone sex pets know, I have made a New Year’s Resolution to be more of a ruthless, uncaring, unmerciful bitch this year.  Of course, we are now into the middle of March and I have yet to make any real progress on my resolution, but that doesn’t […]

Submissive men long and ache to be male sex slaves to a dominatrix

Hard core domination is one of the many types of phone sex control that we offer here at LDW Group.  And we have quite a few Mistresses that are experts at controlling men in hard core situations.  Have you ever wanted to become a sex slave to a femdom dominatrix?  A woman who would use […]

Ballbusting is an art learned by dominant women, taught by dominant women

I get asked a lot by my phone sex pets and my blog readers, just how did I become such a femdom Mistress?  Was I always a dominant woman?  Have I always taken control over men and boys? The answer is yes, I have! :giggle:   Some of us were born this way and others feel […]

Cock and ball torture and extreme humiliation with your femdom Mistress

So you think you want to get a little cock and ball torture, do you? You want a dominant Mistress to take control and break those balls? :giggle:  Well as you know, there are plenty of Mistresses here at LDW Group who can take care of that for you.  I get asked quite often if […]

Mistress Whitney also enjoys the sensual side of kink

Another intelligent newer Mistress that has joined us here at LDW Group lately is Mistress Whitney.  I have not had the pleasure of getting to do a two-Mistress call with her as of yet, but I have had the pleasure of chatting with her in our free internet chat room on occassion, and she is […]

So many fetishes, so little time!

I get horny, kinky sluts every day sending me instant messages on Yahoo Messenger, telling me that they saw me on the website and liked what they saw.  When I ask them which website they saw me on, they seem to be a little confused! :giggle:  You see, I’m on LOTS of websites that we […]

Empress Catherine ~ Can you handle this hard core cock dominatrix?

I had the pleasure of going through and reading Empress Catherine’s latest blog post today, and I must say I found it very erotic and extremely entertaining!  I haven’t had the pleasure of doing any two-Mistress calls with Empress Catherine yet (you could be the first to experience that… lucky you!! What are you waiting […]

Mistress Vivian has a kinky fun weekend in store for her phone sex pets!

Aahh, Mistress Vivian… MILF extraordinaire! ::giggle::  Mistress Vivian is such a fun, cool Mistress friend of mine, and we always have a great time together.  I love hanging out with her in our free internet chat room and whenever she gets the urge to get on our free internet radio station and turn out some […]

Empress Gina loves to do a little CFNM with her phone sex pets!

If you haven’t already heard, we have a few new Mistresses here at LDW this month!  Empress Gina is one of our newest ladies, and she is more than ready and able to turn you out!  I was doing some daily blog reading today and came across her blog, and loved reading about her newest […]